Risk Assure is a web-based software system that helps child activity centers protect themselves from liability. With RiskAssure, you can be sure that your equipment is cataloged, maintenance is performed on time and incidents—when they occur—are handled quickly, correctly, and professionally. RiskAssure can make sure that your students are the daring ones, not you.
  • Reduce Risk and Liability
  • Improve Safety and Security
  • Promote Parent Confidence
  • Lower Insurance Rates

No-Risk Trial Period

Existing Users

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The only complete risk management solution you can get Created by industry experts to ensure that your child activities center is inspected, cataloged, and protected.

Equipment Inspections

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Risk Assure will help you keep track of the current status of your equipment to make sure that you find potential failures before they happen.

Maintenance Records

Do you know where your maintenance money is going and how it is best spent? Risk Assure will help ensure that your time and money is well spent – and your students are well protected.

Incident Logging and Tracking

Accidents happen – it’s just a fact of life. When they do, using Risk Assure’s easy interface to manage, process and record your incidents will ensure that everything will be processed correctly.

Security, Emergency, and Crisis Best Practices

Don’t start running scared when you have an emergency at your center – run to us. Risk Assure comes with the documentation and tools you need to make sure that any incidents at your center are handled correctly.

Risk Management Knowledge Base

RiskAssure has been designed by industry experts. We’ve used their knowledge and experience to create a platform that keeps you informed about the best risk management practices in the child activities industry.

Advanced Reporting

Putting data into a system isn’t worth your time if you can’t get that data out when you need it. RiskAssure’s advanced reporting platform will help you analyze where your center could be better protected.

Easy to Use Take a deep breath. RiskAssure’s easy interface ensures that you’ll always know you’re protected.
Price RiskAssure is only $38 per month (and either 50% off or FREE if you are an existing 3rd Level Consulting client). Your industry association may also have a special rate, so check with them as well. Start your access and implementation period today by filling out the form at the top of this page!
Existing User Log In Existing users can log in by going to http://live.riskassure.net. We recommend that all users bookmark this page, as it provides the quickest access to your data.
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